The Central Michigan University (CMU) Blackberry (Bb) serves as a world class-enterprise architecture to deliver Web-based courses for CMU online students and distant learners. The CMU Bb provides students with a plethora of options including modules, synchronous and asynchronous interaction, lectures, announcements, e-mail, online libraries, Live Help Desk, and other online features and capabilities. For instance, the CMU Bb promotes teacher-student discussions, events, and activities on assigned courses. That is, the teacher provides a topic of discussion and lecture, the students respond, and a community of learning comes to fruition. The learning is transparent, and it helps the teacher, student, and other digital learners gain a better understanding of course content and context. In addition, the learning leads to better participation, communication and collaboration in a virtual classroom.

The CMU Bb holds the student accountable to submit assignments to the teacher. The CMU Bb is transparent, and most virtual classrooms are seen by all class participants. The virtual classroom participation incorporates knowledge from assigned readings and research projects. The teacher and student alike learn from the assignments and community of discussion.

The CMU Bb offers an Assignment Folder, Syllabus and other folders to allow students to submit assignments. The teacher, in most cases, immediately grades the assignment and it reappears in a grading folder. The CMU Bb, additionally, allows the student to browse their folders and submit assignments as attachments. In sum, the CMU Bb is an educational technology and medium that incite learning in an ill structured and structured classroom environment.


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